GWL 24th March 1915

Things are moving in such queer ways now that I have not been unable to write since saturday.  We were pulled out to go into the trenches on Saturday night and have been there until early this morning: now I think we are trekking, but where nobody knows.  Such a lot of letters came to-day……. It is beastly wet again, although the last few days have been heavenly, with hardly a cloud in the sky.  Sunday was a wretched day.  I sat in a new trench all day & night.  Very wet and not much shelter. New trenches very rarely have.  Dug outs & other luxuries gradually spring up after some time of occupation.  The most uncomfortable part was when our anti-aircraft guns opened on the German aeroplanes.  There were a whole heap up and we got all the stuff coming down; distinctly annoying.  It is bad enough being shelled by Fritz, but the back splash of your own guns is the limit, isn’t it?  One more alas – Poor Croft was shot that night and died the next morning – He and Harrison were shot on almost the same piece of ground.  It is very sad, isn’t it?  We are getting rather short in “C”! as Rummins has gone sick with water on the knee or something.  We are at present in a wooden hut in a wood a little way back.  Where we go or when nobody knows or if they do they do not say so.  We are doing a kind of rest now, but not at our old spot,which is rather a shame, as it was quite comfortable.  Heavens we were dirty when we turned up here.  Nobody has had a bath for three weeks and I have not shaved for 6 days now.  A beastly sight.  I think I shall try and get a bath somehow to-day, but where remains to be see.”

2nd Lt R J Croft was killed on March 21st.    The huts referred to were at Rosen Hill near Reninghelst.  The trenches were near Dickebusch.  During this period the Battalion lost two officers and 32 other ranks killed and 4 officers and 131 other ranks wounded.  Elsewhere on the Eastern Front on March 22nd Przemysl capitulated to the Russian forces.

{next post 25th March}

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