GWL 20th March 1915

Your letter of the 15th has come.  Alas, poor dear old “Father” Harrison was hit in the head the night before last, when we were digging behind the fire trenches & the poor old man died yesterday morning.  Although I had not known him for long he was a good friend and a jolly good subaltern to me.  We buried him this morning.  I am afraid it will just about do for his wife, as she is so ill that they could not tell her that he had been ordered out.

All yesterday it snowed and blew great guns.  In fact a regular blizzard, the wind is bitterly cold and we seem to have gone back to the bad old days of January, except for the appearance of several little primroses.  To-day is a bit better but the wind is still bad.  There have been a lot of German aeroplanes over here today & guns have been popping at them without any success that we could see.  It is nice being back in C Coy.

More aeroplanes, this time the Germans are doing the popping.  The worst of it is that you can never really tell what they are, as they say the Germans have little blinds – that they pull over the black crosses – which have the allied circles painted on them.  One that dropped a bomb here one day had the rings on it.  Old Dinham was not very far off and he ran like a hare to his billet.  Yes, it is all clouding over again & it looks rather like rain.  We are in quite a nice billet, with a little garden behind, nothing much in it.  Apparently the people here grow a heap of parsnips; great big fields of them.  Some of the fields are quite green now, but the trees have not come out at all yet.  I suppose it is rather early.  Do you know that the birds were singing all through that show last Sunday?  It was rather extraordinary. Old man Fritz was putting them into our wood pretty thick, but the birds did not mind.  The pheasants and hares were a little bit worried about it, but they were the only ones.  Now I must close – there is no news – Bye bye till tomorrow”

Harrison was referred to in the post of 12th March.

{next post 24th March}

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