GWL 18th March 1915

Your letter of the 14th has come.  Ion told me he was sending home a rifle.  I am glad it has arrived.  Quite a fine trophy, isn’t it?  Once more I am a member of C Coy and will partake of the things you send out……….Poor Peter, I hope he won’t be bad. He is rather liable to have colds and things.  We have got a funny little billet.  A very small room in which it is just possible to lay three valises.  The kitchen is quite impossible owing to an old man of disgusting habits.  They have got a milk churn worked by a dog who runs round and round inside a big wheel outside the house.  Just like the donkey wheel at Carisbrooke Castle.  This morning, while performing my ablutions, I placed all my gear on the churn not knowing it’s evil ways, and suddenly the dog outside started to run round and the whole lot was deposited on a very dirty floor.  Very annoying, wasn’t it?…..The boots you sent me are lasting very well indeed & are awfully comfortable.  I have had the first A & N S pair resoled and so I have two thoroughly good ones now.”

Elsewhere – Allied naval attack on the Dardanelles forts repulsed.  British battle ships “Irresistible” and “Ocean” sunk.

{next post 20th March}

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