GWL 16th March 1915

This is going to be a very short little letter.  There has been a good deal of trouble round about here and we have not had any sleep to speak of for three nights.  All the same your husband is very well indeed, though rather tired.  I will just acknowledge a large mail………I simply must get my boots off and have a small “shut eye!” I think it is finished for a bit now.  To-morrow I will try and write an enormous letter.”

The “trouble” referred to was the action at St Eloi which took place over 14th-15th March.  The Germans mined and blew up the St Eloi Mound.  This was followed by an infantry advance which penetrated the first line of British trenches in places but this ground was subsequently regained.  Initially the Gloucesters were in Trenches 12 to 8 in the New Farm sector.  During the counter-attack the Battalion was in the front line but didn’t take part in direct action.

St Eloi trench map

St Eloi Trench Map 1915

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