GWL 12th March 1915

Your letters of the 6th – 8th have come, thank you so much for sending on Arthur’s letter.  The “makee pray” is of course rather a problem, with so few padres.  However they are having one to-morrow morning & I am going – There is a good map in the Morning Post of the 9th, which shows all our bit and all the places that interest us in particular.  Yesterday, I suppose, will be chronicled as “artillery duels of varying intensity”.  The worst of it is that these duels do not confine themselves to the duellists.  The Germans were using pretty big shells during the afternoon, several burst away to our left quite 1000 yds an yet we had the splinters falling, 5 or six times, within 10 yds of our dug-out.  Quite extraordinary how the pieces fly.  We sat in the dug-out and made up nonsense.  “Father” of course is Harrison, my subaltern.  Herewith sample entitled “Incidents in a day in the trenches”. “And Father said “Who is only side, who? and behold then looked out of the mud seven more devils much more better than the first.  And Father said “Throw a bomb!” and they threw a bomb.  And he said “Do it again”, and they did it again, even unto seventy times seven – and the lot fell on German ground.  And they gathered up of the remains 3 sandbags full & hid them by 50’s in a dug-out and the last state of that dug-out was worse than the first.  The “Granny” took up her parable and spake and the walls of Messines tower fell down – And last of all “Granny” ceased from troubling & in the Resurrection whose wife shall she be?  Can you answer that?  Very tired when we came in last night to a poor billet.  Your husband dreamt he was a puppy dog, with sore feet, chasing an asbestos cat through hell.  A. Coy’s cake has not arrived yet, but it may only have been delayed.  I must close now, we are a long way from H.Q. & I must run in and get this posted.”

Lt H M Harrison was killed a week later.

{next post 13th March}

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