GWL 9th March 1915

A sharp frost and snow last night.  The ginger and dates are splendid, especially the ginger.  The figs I am keeping for a bit in our mess box.  One of the soup things we are having for tiffin and the others are going down with us to the trenches tonight.  Have you seen it in the papers that the Germans are taking away the little statues in the Petit Sablon at Brussels?  You remember, standing round a little square off the road that leads from the law courts, I think.  It is a shame.  There is an extraordinarily offensive baby in this billet.  It shrieks in the most maddening way.  Its mother apparently likes to hear it howl…….. I am so glad you like the little badge and button.  I rather thought you would, although they are rather dirty affairs.  The other ones on my coat have toned down to a nice dull bronze and look much better I think than when polished.  Well D. Coy goes along very nicely.  I have one charming youth in it, who is the father of 20! (14 living) 7 are over 16 and 7 are under sixteen; his name is Fido!  How the child sticks it I cannot think.  He carries more than I do by a good bit.  He worked for 25 years in Fry’s chocolate show, since he retired form the army!”

{next post 12th March}

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