GWL 8th March 1915

Quite a big mail to-day, as we have not had one since Thursday.  A large parcel of groceries has also arrived but is not opened yet.  We left our rest on Friday and went straight into the mud pies, rather a long way, and we came out last night very tired.  Yesterday was a fiendish day.  Rain and wind and icy cold.  Thank Heaven we had a good dug-out and a charcoal brazier.  Garnier is in England and also Parkinson, both with bad feet.  I think they are at Osborne.  My braces broke the morning!  Cursed be the whole tribe of Brace – I must repair with string and await the arrival of a new pair.  The socks are doing splendidly – I think the thick ones are best, even in hot weather.  Then I shall wear one pair instead of two – I will let you know when.  I get along very well with two sets of underclothing (Tell Raphe).  I get one set chemicaled by the good nuns when we rest, so that I start with one clean set in my valise and one on.  One set goes a fortnight or so.  A very dull letter I’m afraid.  There does not seem to be any change in the general cussedness of things here.  We go off for our little bickerings with Fritz & come back to scrape some mud off in view of further bickerings.  I suppose Fritz does the same.  They say that they are cutting down Fritz’s rations.  I don’t believe it.  The letters that came this morning are the 2nd – 4th.”

Osborne House on the Isle of Wight, former home of Queen Victoria and the place where she died in 1901, was given to the nation by Edward VII and parts of it were converted into a convalescent home for Officers during the First War.

{next post 9th March}

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