GWL 5th March 1915

…….I am afraid there is no news at all.  Fritz has behaved himself apparently for the last day or two and we have been undisturbed, which is something to be thankful for.  The Bystander is a never failing source of joy.  The reading is so nice and light.  I am so sorry about Kenneth Powell.  He was at Rugby nearly all the time I was there, but I never knew him.  The church bells have been ringing for the last two days; there must be a fiesta on.  Anyhow tremendous activity in clerical circles of late.  I mended my trousers this morning before I got up.  Quite a neat job.  It has been postponed various times during the last month and has at last been completed.  Wonderful to relate I have not lost any buttons nor have my braces broken yet – touch wood – Rather sore from yesterday’s ride.  Not quite so well covered as I was, I think, and Harrison’s breeches are rather thin.  I had my hair cut this morning – weary long it was, but not so long as Ion’s by a few yards or so.”


Kenneth Powell was at Rugby with George.  He subsequently went to Cambridge and was a fine tennis player, playing in the 1908 and 1912 Olympics as well as competing at Wimbledon.  He was killed by a snipers bullet near Ypres on February 18th.

{next post March 8th}

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