GWL 4th March 1915

Last night I put in 11 hours of the very best sleep.  It rained most of yesterday, a sort of drizzly day – I think the trouble is there are so few padres – I think only 3 to the Division and of course they have a good deal of hospital work and we never see them except on horseback  – his morning we have been out for about 2 1/2 hours doing a little drill.  Rather nice in a way.  I rode my old hairy and quite enjoyed myself.  It is quite warm, rather muggy sort of day with what the sailors would call “low visibility”.   Just the kind of day for a little pheasant shooting.

We go in again tomorrow but to the old lot of trenches, not the ones we have just left.  I do hope it is the case.  I never want to see those others again.  I got such a shock this morning – For the first time this morning I put on riding breeches ( somebody else’s!) and lo and behold I have quite a slender calf instead of rather a large one!  Why I cannot think.  All my polo boots will have to come in – …….Your letter of the first has just come.  I have been very fit since we had been out here five or six weeks.  That is for the last month or so……… The feet are better.  I wonder if you make certain for me that my name is in the Rugby School Active Service List.  It may as well be there.”

{next post 5th March}

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