GWL 3rd March 1915

Ion turned up yesterday; looking most awfully fit.  He arrived just as we had finished our tiffin.  I heard a great shout of “Wake up, George”, and a bang on the window and there was the old thing on Woodbine.  We pulled him in and gave him a drink and a smoke.  He was rather inclined to be scornful about our billet.  He said the one and only She was looking awfully well when he saw Her last.  After some sweet converse we took a stroll all along the lovely local Piccadilly, to our great content, and talked of many things.  By the time we got back it was about 4.30 so we fed him and at 5.30 he rode away.  I was so glad to see him.  All went well until about 9PM.  Then feeling rather weary having done nothing all day,  I lit a pipe and armed with the Daily Chronicle (!) and a candle went to bed.  At 9.30 the gentle “breezes” began to blow again.  Damned Fritz & dressed.  I once saw Lottie Venne in a play and about the only thing the poor lady did was to pack and unpack.  I think Marie Lohr was in it too.  These days we are like dear Lottie, so having packed last night we unpacked this morning, in spite of the moral certainty that we shall pack again to-night.  “Vive la France!” “Remember Belgium” and other patriotic cries —- Ion has knotted his stick for every week of misery he has spent in this bally country! and I have followed suit – He has quite a lot, I have only ten 7 the eleven should go up on Saturday.  I read in my paper last night that Mr Asquith would make a statement to the effect that the war would be over much sooner than anybody thinks.  This morning I read Mr Asquith’s speech & he says that practically the war will never end!  My paper has misled me!  Put not thy trust in Papers – Send me another book.  Am I costing you an awful lot of money? I think I must be.  I find that Shakespeare and shells do not go well together.  What a charming idea allowing the French to seize the “Dacia” – so obvious and yet so very cute; don’t you think so? The cap is a great success.  To-day for tiffin, Fritz willing, we are going to have cold beef, pickles and carrots – and just a little drop of “what killed Granny” (rum).  And now good-bye.”

{next post 4th March}

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