GWL 2nd March 1915

Resting.  Fine day.

The breeze of yesterday has apparently blown itself out and we still rest.  It was a near thing though.  Let’s hope it is over now for a bit.  My new cap has arrived and is really lovely.  I have taken the badges out of the old one and the one remaining button.  I am sending you the button and the back badge and the front badge to my mama.  A glorious day, bright sun and really quite warm.  There is no news and so far no letter mail.  Your letter of the 27th arrived yesterday, awfully quick, wasn’t it?

I asked Mother to send me a small copy of “Omar”.  It arrived yesterday.  It is the second translation of Fitzgerald & nicer than the first I think.  I got hold of an old copy of the “Seven Seas” the other day and I have copied some of the things I like best into the spare leaves of Omar.  The worst of it is you cannot carry much about with you.  So far, no Ion.  Perhaps Friz has been playing him the same game as us.  Do you remember the man who used to play the tenor drum in the drums?  The poor fellow has been killed.  He was in my company and a good chap.

Please thank your mother for the ginger biscuits, they are very good with early morning tea!”

{next post 3rd March}

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