GWL 28th February 1915

Back again in the old spot from which we were hunted last time.  I have had your letters of 21st-26th…….. There – A kind of cleaning up and start afresh feeling.  We are all very glad to get away from that place.  Let us hope and pray that we may get this rest our properly and that Fritz will endeavour to restrain himself for a week or so.  Our last day and night in front my commando was billeted in a ruined village near the trench line.  It was a glorious day, cold and beautifully clear and the evening was perfectly lovely.  The place is awfully picturesque, in a way – Certainly only man is vile these days.  Cats swarm everywhere and do the scavenging & provide music by night.  Our house had been a millinery establishment I think.  Fashion plates are strewn all over the floor.  Of course there is nothing of value left now – Just opened the grocery parcel – Lovely parcel – Thank you all.  I ought to write to a lot of people to-day.  The temptation is to spend the first rest day, kind of looking round and saying “Ah”.  I am glad you like the “Trench Wallah”; I was rather pleased with the back view one.  The last time we went in, we were just like that.  I am afraid “the return of the Trench Wallah” may be too much for me.  I am making great efforts to see Ion this trip. To-morrow the company is to be washed.  Master will take his bath tonight.  Nearly half the chocolate biscuits have gone between three of us!”

The 27th February saw the end of the First Battle of Przasnysz on the eastern Front.  This Battle commenced on the 22nd with an attack by the Germans on the Russians with the intent of taking Przasnysz.  However the Russians turned the tables and the Germans ended retreating leaving 3,000 dead and 10,000 prisoners.

{next post 1st March}

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