GWL 20th February 1915

Just a few moments before breakfast to write to you, as I woke up early and the floor was rather hard.  No, don’t order any more boots just yet, I will let you know in better time when the next lot will be required………..I have got another subaltern, he turned up yesterday.  Terrible tragedy has just been revealed.  We have got a tin of sausages & by the size of the tin you are justified in expecting at least four sausages.  We find to our annoyance that there are only three.  So some-body will be minus sausage.  Our “makee pray” last Sunday was knocked on the head – I was very sorry.

Later the same day “Thundering”!

The cake has arrived for D Coy.  We are going to have some for tea before we go down to our mud pie again.  Just imagine we are having a thunderstorm of all things!  Rain of course, but thunder is rather the limit -“

First watch stopping and now three sausages instead of four – whatever next!  Reading the letters at this stage you would think that life alternated between some uncomfortable times in the trenches and eating.  From The Gloucestershire Regiment War Narratives 1914-15 (Capt R M Grazebrook) it is noted that during the month of February when apparently not much was happening the Batallion lost 22 Other Ranks killed, 3 Officers and 68 Other Ranks wounded and 144 sick.

{next post 23rd February}

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