GWL 14th February 1915

S.Valentine’s Day.  I ought to have sent you a Valentine, but I forgot all about it.  In fact if I had remembered I am not quite sure how I should have set about it, never having made one.  Your letters of the 11th & 12th have just come.  I think it is an excellent idea of yours to send the cakes.  I am sure they will like them immensely……….. We had a tremendous dinner again last night.  Capel-Cure got a goose somewhere and the doctor came in again.  To-night we are having Vicary and Clarence Gardner.  Hen curry and Sear’s pate.  Last night the doctor said in his Irish way that he felt like a poisoned pup!  It is an awful day.  Old Ion has not turned up yet;  I am afraid it is too bad a day for him to ride over……….. We are going to “makee pray” to-night at 6pm & there is going to be a celebration in the orderly room afterwards.”

Capel-Cure comes up with the goods again!  Capt Vicary (previously mentioned) was Battalion Adjutant at this stage.  Lieutenant Gardner was the Transport Officer.

{next post 19th February}

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