GWL 13th February 1915

……..A perfectly beastly day, raining and blowing hard.  Thank goodness we are not in now.  There is no news except that we had a dinner party last night.  The doctor dined with us.  We raised two bottles of champagne and a bottle of starboard light.  Much merriment withal.

I don’t think I want any more tinder just now.  I have accumulated rather a lot.  I will write when more is required.  Sear’s pate has turned up, I will write and thank her for it.  It is awfully kind of her.  I can find no ink for cheque writing so will you please pay the enclosed bill for boots, it is quite correct.  Also please order me a new cap from Hawkes.  He has my measurements and everything.  There seems to be movement in England to make us all teetotallers.  What rot they all talk.  I really believe that it is only the rum that keeps half the men alive; it is awfully good rum and miles over proof.  Have not seen old Ion yet.  I do hope he will come over to-day or to-morrow.  Yesterday afternoon I had a small “shut-eye” – very pleasant – probably have another this afternoon unless they stick us for anything.  There is a continual stream of dripping wagons going by our billet, full of all sorts of stores and forage and men in all kinds of queer kits.  We have just been stuck to make wire entanglements this afternoon so no shut-eye to-day – Damn!  Capel-Cure snored to such an extent last night and talked in his sleep so badly that we had to throw things at him.”

When back from the front opportunities were there for some relaxation (for the Officers at least).  Starboard Light is a cocktail with various recipes both gin and whisky based.  Presumably the bottle was a pre-mixed variant.

Capel-Cure hero to villain!

{next post 14th February}

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