GWL 12th February 1915

“(Copy of letter to Ashburn Place) Resting.  Thank you very much indeed for your long letter of Feb:7th.  The curry powder and soup tablet parcel has arrived safely.  We are going to try the curry powder on a local hen, which we acquired yesterday.  During our rest we make pigs of ourselves as much as possible for six days & then regret it for the next 12 days when we are in.  It froze quite hard the other night and we all hoped the rain was over for a bit again, but no, it is just as bas as ever now.  The vaseline comes in very handy, for feet.  Mine are much better than they were three weeks ago……. We have a funny little billet here.  The three of us sleep in a small room upstairs.  Nearly all the glass is broke in the window and there is a good deal of draught, but that does not matter a bit.  We feed below in a room with a table and four chairs and a fine fireplace.  So altogether we are pretty comfortable.  Food is scattered all over the place.  You never saw such mess.  The local nuns are struggling with my washing to-day.  I don’t know what sort of a job they will make of it.  They are most obliging little people.  The regimental headquarters are established in what I think is their hospital.  They all have beds with white curtains to them!  How is Miss Power these days?  I had a letter from Uncle Frank yesterday and he told me she is bigger than ever.  She was quite large when I left.  Heavens, it seems more than a little under two months since we left England.  I hear the bold Peter is doing great work at Abbeywood and district.  I wonder when he will come out.  Tell him that when he comes out one of the many useful things he should bring is a symphelite stove.  You can get them at the Stores.  I have got something of the same kind only French.  You can cook on them.”

Letter to Marion. “……Capel-Cure went shopping yesterday and brought back enough things for months.  Where they are all going to be carried I don’t know.  If the wagon cannot, he must….The most noble Ion I hope to see either to-morrow or the day after.  I think he comes out to-day for a spell…..The other three companies had rather a lively time the other day.  Fritz started shelling some houses they were in and they all had tp clear out very quickly.  A shell came into the kitchen and knocked over the kettle, but otherwise they did nobody much harm.  Rather lucky….. Piggy weather again, snowing this morning then raining.  We just eat and sleep and write letters.”

Miss Power referred to is presumably younger sister Nancy (clearly quite plump!). It isn’t clear who Capel-Cure was but obviously very effective at “procurement”.

{next post 13th February}

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