GWL 11th February 1915

Resting.  A lovely day.  Bright sun and no wind.  Such a lot of parcels greeted us on arrival from the trenches as I told you.  The boots I am wearing now and they are absolutely right in every way.  Thank you so much.  Then the chocolate biscuits and shortbread.  Alas the biscuits have gone all too soon, the way all biscuits go: they were very good.  And yet again there was the chocolate & Mother’s soup and vaseline etc: You send me such a nice lot of things………Lots of aeroplanes German & Allied were up all yesterday and people potted at them all day, but apparently did no damage.  I hope I shall see old Ion soon.  Anyhow before we go in again.  The most extraordinary rumours fly about this country.  Yesterday they said there had been a big naval battle and 7 Germans had been sunk, and also that Ostende had been captured.  Where all these things start is a mystery.  Germany’s latest stunt is going to cause rather a lot of trouble to herself whichever way it turns out.  If she cannot in force the blockade she will look a fool, and if she does, she will get in the neck from the neutrals.  The awful thing about it all is that we seem no nearer the end than at the beginning.  We have been out here nearly two months.

Lachlan’s wound was not much; he has not even gone to hospital.  The bullet just clipped the side of his thumb while he was sniping through a loophole.  Painful, but I am glad to say not dangerous.  Davies, one of my subalterns had a piece of luck, he was wounded by a bullet which apparently bounced on to his eyebrow and off again without entering his head.  He is suffering from slight concussion”

The rumours of a sea battle and capture of Ostende were just that – rumours.

{next post 12th February}

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