GWL 5th February 1915

…….The Brands essence tins have come in very handy. I like the stuff very much.  The weather has certainly improved considerably.  Much drier and sunny, and things are a bit more comfortable.  I am sorry that poor old Arthur has got an older ship than ever.  It must be rather disheartening.  Perhaps better things are coming.  In case I have not time to write to Uncle Frank please tell him that the first parcel of tobacco and cigarettes has arrived safely.  Also thank him very much indeed from the men of “D” Company.  Good tobacco above all things is appreciated immensely.  Master had his little whack too!  There was a good deal of noise again last night but nothing much happened.”

In the early 19th Century, King George IV ‘s flagging health had inspired the Royal Chef, H.W. Brand, to create an essence of chicken beverage to boost His Majesty’s physical condition.

After retiring from the Royal kitchen in 1835, Mr. Brand concocted BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken for commercial sale as food for convalescence and invalids. Renowned in the British Empire, BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken found its way to the Far East in 1920s, and had since gained popularity all over Asia. [From Brands website]

brands essence

Arthur’s ship referred to was probably HMS Royal Arthur, an Edgar Class Cruiser launched in 1891 and used as a guard ship in Scapa Flow in the early part of the War.

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