GWL 2nd February 1915

Raining hard again.  The mail came in late last night and to tell the truth I was too sleepy to write again.  The socks & the tinder parcel have arrived safely but the 1/2 lb of chocolate & “surprise” have not turned up yet.  I think that if there is tobacco in a parcel it is better not to say so on the outside.  Parcels have arrived with the tobacco taken out……. The foot touch is a very common one out in this part.  It is incipient frost bite.  The circulation gets very low and they all go numb.  Many men have to be carried out of the trenches.  It is rather a funny feeling.  You cannot walk straight & keep falling down.  The place on my foot did come up a bit after the pavé, but worse from drumming on an ammunition box trying to get warm.  I had an idea that the waders might help to make things bad from the perspiration, so I cut the feet off, thus keeping me dry about the legs although my feet were wet.  I think the fact is that you have got to be cold in these trenches, you cannot stand upright as the parapet is so low and keeps falling in and so walking about is impossible during the day.  The trouble is not soft feet, but the circulation being so low.  I see Bissett has got a job at Sandhurst”

During the winter weeks of 1915 no major assaults occurred on the Western Front but elsewhere things were happening.  From “The Official History of the Great War” – Turkish advance guards reach the Suez Canal.  Aden Protectorate invaded by Turkish forces.  Entente communication to Greek, Serbian and Montenegrin Governments deprecating their intervention in Albania.

{next post 5th February}

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