GWL 30th January 1915

Still rather cold and snowy, but no news at all……….. I have received two half pounds of baccy, one sent off on Jan 22nd & the other on Jan 25th, so now I am very well supplied indeed.  I hope we shall have a better time in the trenches this spell; although it is going to be much longer, it is drier.  You never can tell though, can you?  The great trial for me in particular is not being able to get a hot meal.  Cold preserved meat always plays the deuce with my inside.  We cannot cook anything much, chiefly for the reason that we cannot get anything up there.

Heaps of aeroplanes up this morning, all being potted at, but none hit. I hope McMahon does not remain sick long.  I wish there was some news to tell you.  These seem such silly notes.  That’s all they really are………..”

{next post 1st February}

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