GWL 27th January 1915

Resting. Kaiser’s Birthday to-day.  Deuce of a scrap last night, by the row.  Thank goodness they did not turn us out for it.  I think this is No 13 but am not sure.  I forgot to number the last two, I think.  Still very cold, but no rain, which is a great thing.  There was a little snow last night and the fields were slightly white this morning.  This morning the entire Army is being washed.  They walk over to a brewery about 2 miles and have a much needed hot bath and clean things given them.  Does it seem a year since we went to the German Review?  Somehow I don’t think it does.  There are many worse places than Tientsin, I imagine.  There is no news.”

Were there any from either the British or German Armies attending the Kaiser’s Birthday Parade in Tientsin who foresaw where they would be twelve months later?

{next post 28th January}

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