GWL 26th January 1915

“Resting.  How are you this morning?  We are feeling much better.  Have just heard of the battle in the North Sea.  Isn’t it splendid?  What a pity Arthur is not still in the Indomitable.  The weather has improved considerably.  Still cold but no rain for the last day or two.  My beard has gone!  I felt such a perfect beast, although people admired the hirsute appendage considerably.  Apparently there was a biggish show just south of us the other night.  Yesterday I had a lovely bath & clean clothes & to-day I saw a train.  Haven’t seen a train for 3 weeks.  Also have not been shot at for three days.  Truly great things are happening.  Baccy has just arrived from the Army and Navy;  thank you – there is a good supply now.  The shortbread is awfully good – We have it in the early morning before breakfast.  The strong peppermints are also good for the digestion…..”

The battle in the North Sea was the Battle of Dogger Bank fought between the British Grand Fleet (47 strong) and the German High Seas Fleet (26 strong).  Indomitable was one of five Battle Cruisers in the Grand Fleet and Arthur, one of George’s younger brothers had served on her before the War.  The Battle was considered a British victory with the sinking of the Blucher from the German Fleet and the loss of nearly 800 lives.


Sinking of the “Blucher”

The “show” referred to were the German attacks on Bethune and Givenchy.

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