GWL 14th January 1915

I have not had time to write for a day or two.  We have just finished our first whack of trench work.  It is not pleasant by any means.  Our trench is an old French one and thoroughly bad.  I have already told you about the mud.  The day is the worst time and you sit and watch the blighters burst and have nothing to do.  The shrapnel does not worry one a bit in a trench, but the high explosive is pretty bad.  We were very heavily shelled all our first day, but they were all about 100 yards over so nobody was hurt.  Thank you for your letters of the 2nd-9th, also for the 4 parcels of groceries which arrived last Monday.  My underclothing has not arrived.  Will you please stop sending rice in the parcels of groceries and substitute a pound of the Harrods chocolate – it is awfully good.  We are all very fit, but rather tired.  It is a sort of game that requires a good deal of getting used to!  We are worried a good deal at night round our part by snipers.  They seem to get all round the farm and pot everybody – so far we have not been able to catch them.  I don’t think you would have recognised your husband when we came out that bally trench.  Caked in mud up to his thighs – hands and arms thick with it; in a sou’wester with a cap on top, a muddy Burberry over a goatskin coat and a long willow staff! [see photo below] and last but not least, a beautiful beard.  It is the pride of the company.  We all use those staffs, they are very useful for sounding the mud in the trenches and spotting shell holes in the road at night.  We have not seen any Zeppelins and only a few aeroplanes! I am going to try to write to Mother to-day, but in case I cannot, please thank her awfully for the sweets – They are most welcome especially the acid drops which are good when you are thirsty – Funnily enough, drinking water is scarce here……


A picture paints a thousand words!  George as photographed in January 2015

{next post 19th January}

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