GWL 29th December 1914

Just a very,very short letter, as there is no news and I have a pile of the Company’s letters to censor; drat them!  I should like any news of people I know as the papers are irregular.  I have received your letters of the 19th-25th and one later one.  Also the first tin of groceries and a tin of baccy.  Also heaps of papers and the Bystander and Punch.  Thank you very much…..”

This post highlights the role of the junior officers in the censorship process.  All communications home where censored by one means or other.  No reference to place names was allowed and graphic detail of the unpleasantness of war was censored for fear of reducing morale back home.  It is also interesting to note that letters arrived on the Front within 3-4 days.  The Bystander was a tabloid magazine which ran from 1903 until 1940 (when it merged with Tatler).  It carried cartoons, short stories and what would now be described as celebrity news.

{next post 3rd January}

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