GWL 25th December 1914

A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all at C.G..  We are still quite comfortable and dry.  I wrote to Mother to-day and asked her to show you the letter.  We gat a present from Princess Mary [see below].  I am sending you the card.  All the men got a card from the King and Queen, but the officers did not.  I am rather disappointed.  Last night it froze a bit and has dried the ground a bit.  The C. Company Mess is a very happy affair indeed.  The Christmas dinner consisted of beef and rum;  very good!  So far no mails and baccy was getting a bit short.  Luckily Princess Mary’s baccy turned up…….This really is a most interesting old town.  There are one or two very old houses and a couple of quite nice churches.  One very small one and only about the height of a two-storied house with an enormous spire.

It is getting rather late and I must go to the house of the maker of paints.  Had a bath to-day – wonderful the amount of dirt that came off – the first since leaving England.  Mrs Land-lodgings doesn’t understand baths.  It is as much as she can do to empty the slops.  Dad’s cigars were lovely; alas, they are nearly finished.  We have come to the conclusion that the best way to pay for our groceries is for the others to pay me.  I shall be kept in petty cash and will not have to draw on paymaster.  If I get too much I can send you home some.  Always have the bill sent with the goods.”

(extract from letter1 to Ashburn Place).  “…..From the row there must have been a pretty big show last night.  I am second-in-command of C.Company now, having given up the M.G. section.  A German aeroplane came over last night, but was bagged further north of us with twoGermans inside.”

Clearly no sign of a Christmas truce in this sector.  The “show” was probably the ongoing defence of Givenchy.

The present from Princess Mary was a baccy tin which remains in the family and is pictured below.

{next post 29th December}

Christmas present from Princess Mary

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